What is Fatsack Outdoors?

The best things in life are never easy. Often times, the thing we want the most requires the most out of us-the most work, the most fight, the most time, the most perseverance. For so many anglers, including myself, the thrill of a big catch is one of the greatest pleasures of life. The joy, satisfaction, and suspense of landing a beautiful fish makes the hard work of getting there worth it.

The time spent searching for the perfect honey hole or picking just the right lure seem negligible when a fish tugs heavily on my line. No matter how long it may take, the end result of an incredible catch keeps me coming back to my rod and the lake.

But, what if there was a way to reach this end result faster? What if there was less work and more thrills? What if there was a way to make the whole process more streamlined?

Fatsack Outdoors created an app to get you, the fisherman, to the thrill of a great catch as quickly as possible. With a touch of a button, the app records all of the important data including exact location, water temperature, weather, and time of day. A few additional swipes of the thumb allow you to input the specific lure, jig or bait used to catch the fish. Your specific analytics are stored on your phone and are made available to you at all times. As more and more of your personal data is stored, the app creates graphs to display your best days on the lake. This makes it easier for you to duplicate and recall exact details after a great day of fishing.

Gone are the days of outdated fishing journals and time spent writing statistics down by hand. No longer must anglers be forced to analyze their own data or recall details after a day where your thumb is raw from catching so many fish. Forget the struggle and frustration of trying to duplicate a day on the lake you can’t quite remember. With Fatsack, the data stays with you, on your phone, making it readily available at all times.

Advancements in technology, such as Fatsack Outdoors, change the way even the top notch fish. Pros, such as Jordan Lee and Matt Lee, have adopted this trend and are using the app to improve their own game. Not only are these Elite Series fisherman utilizing it to catch more fish, others such as Brandon Cobb of the FLW tour, and Brian Latimer are partnering with the company to produce video tutorials to be seen directly within the app. Yet again, these videos strive to teach you tips and techniques to make you a better fisherman.

As you continue to improve, Fatsack wants to be right there with you along the way, which is why the app contains a social media aspect called the Bragboard. It is our own in-app site that allows you to post photos of your catches and link the picture directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter showing off your angling skills.

Fatsack Outdoors, is available for both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded for free within the app store. As technology changes and improves, so does the sport of fishing and we strive to be with you along the way. Work less, fish more.