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Hosting a fishing tournament or series shouldn’t be a full-time job. You probably have one of those already. Easy to navigate and use, Fatsack’s tournament hosting technology automates administrative tasks so that anyone, with or without experience, can easily manage any size tournament. In other words, you’ll spend a lot less time on the boring stuff and a lot more time on the fun stuff, like catching fish.

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Tournament Management

To Host Your Own Event

If you’ve ever put on a tournament, you probably remember all the hours you spent sorting through the list of anglers, total weights, biggest fish, and countless forms. That doesn’t include the additional work at home, entering all that information onto a spreadsheet. Not much fun!

Now you can save all that time by automating the entire process. Quickly accept payments, register anglers, and log catches based on qualifications you determine. With just a few clicks, you can create an entire event, tally results, and distribute outcomes. While traditional tournament software can cost thousands of dollars, the Fatsack platform is a more accessible, faster, cost-saving way to accomplish tournament administration.


Live Leaderboard

Let’s say you want to help our nation’s fisheries with a Catch & Immediate Release event.

Fatsack’s Live Leaderboard technology eliminates live well deaths by automatically capturing, then totaling participant catches throughout the event. You can choose whether to allow public view of competitor stats or set the leaderboard to private, where only the tournament administrator can view standings.

Mobile Registration

It’s a lot of work (and stress) to host a Tournament Registration Day, especially before the sun rises. In those few hours, you get a rush of paper forms, cash, and some cranky fisherman ready to get on the water.

With Fatsack, participants can register from their phone, 24/7, at their convenience. All player info is automatically processed and stored in one central, mobile-accessible database. Your anglers are happier, your tournament blast-off is faster, and you have zero hours of admin work to do!


Anywhere, Any Time Registration

There is no need to be at the ramp, coffee and clipboard in hand, at 3am! The typical obstacles and frustrations associated with tournament registration have been eliminated through virtual engagement. Sleep easy (and later), while your anglers register from their mobile phone and wake up to a fully detailed entry list.

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Customer Engagement

If you’re in (or market to) the fishing industry, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to reach customers without investing tens of thousands of dollars and countless man hours.

Whether you want to promote a new product or create a great rewards program, Fatsack’s virtual fishing tournaments provide a direct “line” to the market you want to reach. You’ll also have access to other great promotional features like Tournament Chat, to engage your customers, and the Fatsack Outdoors Home Page, to boost your brand loyalty.

With Fatsack Tournament hosting, you could reach 10x more customers than costly, on-site events for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is select the options and rules that work best for you and Fatsack will do the rest.

Catch Verification

The most common question we are asked is about “catch legitimacy.”

During a tournament, each catch is verified by the primary administrator or by the Fatsack Verification Team (depending on the tournament type) and catches can be disqualified if deemed ineligible.

Requiring a photo of the catch on a measuring device helps to assure participants that the contest is fair but you can implement a verification process of your choosing.

Fatsack is also the only tournament platform with real-time, automated weight verification, thanks to our integration with ConnectScale. This feature helps mitigate risk by auto-capturing the weight from the scale and sending it directly to the app.

Multiple Types & Formats

While other services offer only one format or type of tournament, Fatsack believes you should have more options. No longer are you limited to Catch & Photo, length-based events. Choose from weight, length, or count-based and set the catch limit from one to unlimited.

If sustainability is something you’d like to promote, try an Immediate Release event. Fatsack Outdoors will work with you to tailor a tournament that supports your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Payment Processing

Don’t worry about having to collect checks, track payments, or make runs to the bank. Fees can be collected instantly and securely online. It’s available 24/7 and super safe via our PCI Level 1 compliant system, which also issues automated payment reminders.