Sack it Cash-Winners Verification

Sack It Cash Winner Verification

If you have placed 1st in a Fatsack Outdoors approved fishing tournament you may qualify for a Sack it Cash payout.

Any competitor receiving a payout must submit a W9 form. Fill out a form and email to [email protected] If you are approved for a Sack It Cash payout, but do not have a W9 form on file with Fatsack Outdoors, your payout will be delayed indefinitely.

Once you have completed the W9 form, please complete the payout form (below) to submit your payout request. At the end of the payout submission form there is an upload section for you to submit your W9 form.

To verify your winning status in your tournament you must submit a photo of your award presentation with the following requirements:

You MUST be pictured receiving the award from the tournament presenter on stage at the tournament. You must also be wearing an official Fatsack Outdoors cap, an official Fatsack Outdoors t-shirt, or tournament jersey with the Fatsack Outdoors logo visible

PLEASE NOTE: If you have won multiple tournaments you must enter a separate submission for each payout.