Hank Parker’s Fan Challenge

Hank Parker’s Fan Challenge

When: March 24-26 2017

Where: Any Public Water

Entry: FREE

Catch limit: 5 Bass

Type: Total Length

Compete in Bassmaster Classic Winner, Hank Parker’s, free virtual tournament only on the Fatsack App.

Joining is simple; download the Fatsack Outdoors app, create a user profile, visit the tournament home page, select Hank Parker’s Fan Challenge under sponsored tournaments and press join.

There is no limit on catch entries but only the 5 longest fish will make up your total. To submit a catch, press the sack it button and fill in the required fields. For a catch to count it must be logged at the time of the catch & include a photo of the fish on a measuring device with head, tail, and length clearly visible. Join in on the tournament chat and ask Hank any fishing question you have. The top 10 finishers will receive prize packs from Hank Parker himself and his loyal sponsors.

For questions, contact us at [email protected] You must be 13 years or older to participate. Administrator reserves the right to disqualify catches after review.


1st: Lews Rod & Reel, Hank Parker Autographed hat, Fatsack Outdoors performance shirt, Connectscale, bait pack of Hank’s favorites. $500 value

2nd: Lews Rod & Reel, Hank Parker Autographed hat, Fatsack Outdoors hat, Connectscale, Bait pack. $400 value

3rd: Lews Rod & Reel, Hank Parker Autographed hat, Fatsack Outdoors Hat, Bait pack. $300 value

4th: Lews Rod, signed Hank Parker Hat, Fatsack Outdoors hat, Bait packs. $250 value

5-10: Signed Hank Parker hat, bait packages, fishing line $100 value


Connectscale, autographed Hanks Parker hat, bait packs, FSO performance shirt. $200 value

1 Comment

  1. Frank C. Mayer, Jr.

    The temperature of the lake is in the lower forty degrees, it’s 3/24/17 and I am at work. That being said, how do you expect me
    to fish a tournament at the spur of the moment? This is the first time I have heard of the Fatsack app.