Greenfish Tackle Tournament Details

Greenfish Tackle Tournament

Greenfish Tackle Tournament

Greenfish Tackle Baits are designed and handcrafted by fisherman for the fish. Each bait is made by hand with quality in mind. Break out the cold gear and fish with us from Jan 12th-21st for some great prizes. Angler’s must like Greenfish Tackle on Facebook to be eligible. Each participant receives 15% off their next purchase at Greenfish Tackle!

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Bass must be caught during time of event, in a sporting manner, on public waters only and must meet submission requirements described below. Photos displaying the tournament code must be included with each catch. 5 fish limit, the app will cull for you. Full list of rules on

Tournament Code: Posted 9PM night of contest

How to submit a catch:
Step 1: Catch a fish
Step 2: Measure the catch on a ruler containing a bump piece
Position the fish on the ruler with the stomach facing down, mouth touching the bump piece, then measure to the tip of the tail.
Step 3: Take a photo of the full length of the fish and measuring device as described above & include tournament code in photo
Step 4: Fill in the catch type, length, and lure used for the catch. Press save!

First: $100 bait pack from Greenfish & FSO hat
Second: $50 Greenfish bait pack
Third: $25 Greenfish bait pack
Big Fish: 25$ Greenfish bait pack