About Us

About Fatsack Outdoors

The App

The Fatsack mobile fishing app was created by devout angler (and now CEO), Nick Rubio. Initially, Nick just wanted a way to spend more time on the water and less time manually logging his catches. As his concept evolved, Nick began to think of more and more ways to automate the many tasks involved with successful fishing.

After a lot of research, technical development, time, and money, Nick’s idea came to fruition with the 2015 release of Fatsack Outdoors. Available for both IOS and Android, the app included every tool that the angler could want. From auto logging, tackle inventory, and real-time statistics to shopping, socializing, and education.

Recently, Fatsack added yet another feature, which automates fishing tournament administration and hosting. This new platform allows anyone, from anywhere, to compete in or host virtual fishing competitions without the hassles related to traditional registration, participant tracking, contest standings, fee collection, and prize allocation. Pro angler Hank Parker, and fishing companies such as ZMan, Rat-L-Trap, and Lew’s Fishing have already gotten onboard and hosted successful tournaments with a combined 500 participants.

The Company

Fatsack Outdoors is a South Carolina-based technology corporation, committed to bringing mobile applications to specifically concentrated outdoor markets. Fatsack developed its first mobile application, released in 2015, to improve the angler’s fishing skills and increase productivity. It was the first app on the market to include logging, mapping, social, and analytical functionalities. In 2016, Fatsack partnered with ConnectScale, bringing CEO Ben Arnold on board and integrating with the company’s Bluetooth scale. The partnership produced exciting new ventures such as catch-weigh-release tournaments, app development for state agencies, and in-app real estate for fishing industry vendors.

Fatsack Outdoors is committed to continual expansion and improvement. It is one a very few companies where the CEO can be reached directly for support or a casual chat about fishing.

Our Team

Nick RubioCEO

Nick Rubio


Nick is accomplished in both the fishing and management areas. His fishing experience began at Clemson University, where he captained the Clemson Bass Fishing Team. Nick also helped the inaugural club gain traction and credibility, while simultaneously developing a passion for competitive fishing. “My dream in bringing a mobile application to market is for it to be a tool used by all fishermen to not only better their skill set, but the overall experience on the water. I want a one-stop-shop for everything you would need before, during, and after your time on the water. My vision goes past the application and into a complete outdoor brand that brings ideas into reality.”

Ben ArnoldCTO

Ben Arnold


Ben joined the Fatsack Outdoors staff in 2016 as part of the Company’s partnership and integration with ConnectScale. Ben founded and remains the CEO of ConnectScale in addition to his role at Fatsack. Ben received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Tennessee before going on to manage several large-scale, technology and product development firms, including a Fortune 30 company. Ben’s diverse background and focus on process improvement are key factors in the development of both the Fatsack brand and technology.

Bryan WeisgalBusiness Development

Bryan Weisgal

Business Development

Bryan works closely with Nick on matters related to finance, investment, and brand development. In addition to his primary role as head of business development, he serves as secretary of the board and maintains an integral role with Fatsack’s management company, Facilitated Growth. Bryan received a bachelor’s degree in econometrics and writing from Allegheny College. Since joining the staff at Fatsack, he has become an avid angler and enjoys taking a break from his NYC office to meet with Nick and do some fishing on Lake Hartwell.

Chuck CunninghamVP of Professional Relations

Chuck Cunningham

VP of Professional Relations

Chuck has been with Fatsack since its earliest days and has helped Nick with the enormous task of promoting the app and brand. In addition to sharing Fatsack events, appearances, updates, and other news with fans, users, and partners, he makes sure that Fatsack doesn’t miss any opportunities to support the fishing community. Chuck is a lifelong bass fisherman himself and has over 20 years of experience in the professional and amateur tournament circuits. He graduated from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice/police science and serves as a police officer in South Carolina.